Happy Halloween 2014

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IMG_0736 You’re under arrest!! Before moving on to september, how was your halloween guys? Halloween is the most fun celebration because you get to dress yourself as bizarre as you want! I didn’t have any trick-or-treating but I attended a costume party! Last year, I was a flight attendant. 1235424_10202282669252193_1157389661_n1375704_10202282680892484_1880854347_n Being a flight attendant was actually one of my dream job lol So I was thinking, if i can’t do the job, i might as well try to cosplay it to satisfy my inner hunger. LOL #Vain And this year, I wanted to be a captain (Well, that was supposed to be my plan A. Lol) I always had a thing for uniforms. I don’t know why. Maybe because I find it very sexy? So few days before halloween, me and my best partner in crime went in search for a good costume for the day. We already had in mind what we wanted to be. So I got my costume, which at first I thought it’s a captain, but then found out that it was actually a police costume. It came with a cap. 10477894_10205011334387116_3791942850231463749_n IMG_0749 And these were the pictures for the halloween night.  My friend dressed up as Wednesday from the Addam’s family, 10003975_10205012104286363_3859810738220862767_n and look, there I was with the whole Addam’s family members!   10477886_10205012105286388_6294498109141767306_n 1380028_10205012160767775_8907231010675648806_n 10710554_10205012124166860_8067206962048188138_n IMG_0667 Spot the ghosts behind us? They were reaaally scary. Lol. The orange hair-ed girl was chucky btw.   We spotted alot of very cool outfits but it was super crowded and it was impossible to take picture with each and one of them. Or, the stranger who asked you to take a picture of them and offered one for you and then the picture turns out horrible, they are to blame. Lol.  You know what I mean? Ugh. In the end, both of us were too bored so we decided to go out and get some snacks from the nearest convenience store lol 10671406_10205019999123729_3768194949216636460_n And then as I was strolling on instagram, these costumes just caught my eyes! IMG_0737   IMG_0738   IMG_0745   IMG_0746   IMG_0747       IMG_0750 I must say, THIS IS F*ING AMAZING!!!!!!       IMG_0751   Aaaaaa, How I love Japan!! That used to be the street where I walk home from school everyday! #nostalgia     Halloween-Pumpkins_2560x1600_1192-11So how was halloween for you guys? What did you do? Do comment below and let me know! xoxo Have a sweet day! :)

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