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Hello guys! It’s been a long long time!

And now….. I’ll be introducing…. my blonde hair!



I was always dreaming of having long blonde hair but didn’t seem to fulfill it because I was too afraid to do all the procedures.

But walking in Shibuya everyday, I suddenly have this urge to do this. Why not?! I thought. If i’m not doing it now, when am i gonna do it? I can’t be having blonde hair like this if I have a job which will require me to stay in the office or to meet clients. My boss would probably kill me!

So after making months and months of decision, I finally made up my mind, and took the step!

My hair inspiration comes from these Japanese artists.

Kana Nishino ( 西野カナ)

Best_Friend_-_Kana_Nishino_cover eacd6c1abbc6c0a1cd740f952415f3761273265974_full kanayan-kana-nishino-official-30960015-448-674


Ayumi Hamasaki(浜崎歩)



Just look at that hair color!


And last but not least, the cutest Tsubasa Masuwaka (益若つばさ)

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Their hair are just what i’ve always wanted! To die for!

So i thought, since i’m back in Japan, so why not?

And, i’m glad I took the step.

Because of the previous hair-dye, the red was too hard to erase. It was quite a pain the ass because I was so tired of having red hair! I wanna be more Japanese-like. I wanna be more gyaru-like!

So, I bleached my hair once. Don’t worry, I did it very professionally,  in one of the Japanese Salon.

I was warned that my hair might be worse than before, and bleach is actually really very damaging.

But, guess what? As worst as I expected it to be, my hair was still very smooth…. It doesn’t even feel like it has been bleached at all!

Not sure if it was just because of my hair stylist that’s too good, or simply, i’m born with awesome hair. :p #pleasejustpunchme


My hair right now!

IMG_7936 IMG_7973 IMG_8291

I was having a bad cold, and a guy in my class offered me this mints saying my throat will feel better after having this!

How sweet :)


I love my hair!

What bout you guys? How do you feel about it? :)

Do drop some comments below and tell me about it! xxx


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