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♪♬ Taking one step at a timeWalking hand in hand1, 2, 3, 4, cheek to cheekAnd they're learning how to do that danceLet this love be forever more they sayI wish for this to be true for you and me ♪♬Hello My Sunshines!How are you today? I know I know, weekend is still sooo long away!Thank God ...

Tokyo Sakura 2014

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Hello guys!I'm so so sooooo sorry for the lack of posts lately!I've been too bombarded with stuffs surrounding me lately, and I literally didn't had the inspiration or mood to write a new post. I know, i know, it's about the consistency problem again.So before marking an end to May, and welcoming the even-more-hectic june, ...

Harajuku Days

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Hold my hand and run away with me,  we'll set off to somewhere fun. ☆ But first, let me take a #selfie. *inserts song The chainsmokers- Selfie* XD                                                               ...

Hello, nice to meet you!

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A date worth noting down, May 1st 2014, I've finally made up my mind and start blogging!  I've been dying to start my own blog since wayyy ages ago but I was too afraid of the commitments because of the consistency I have to maintain. And also thought, 'what if nobody is interested in my blog?' ...


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Good day to all you flowers lover,this post is specially made for you.♡ Ikebana (生け花)is a Japanese art of flower arrangement. 生(Ike), comes from the word ikeru(生ける), which means living, or keeping alive,  while 花(Hana) means flower. So to put it simple, you're basically arranging the flowers to keep it alive, beautifully! But, it's not just a simple ...

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