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Happy Halloween 2014

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You're under arrest!! Before moving on to september, how was your halloween guys? Halloween is the most fun celebration because you get to dress yourself as bizarre as you want! I didn't have any trick-or-treating but I attended a costume party! Last year, I was a flight attendant. Being a flight attendant was ...

Dream Wedding

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  What is love? "I can't imagine life without him", would be my answer. How many laughters and tears does it take to lead to "Will you marry me?". How does it feel waking up to that cute sleepy face that melts your heart  every morning? To accept whatever he/she is, that is love. Nobody said love is an easy thing, jealousness, despair, ...

Blonde hair!♡

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Hello guys! It's been a long long time! And now..... I'll be introducing.... my blonde hair!   I was always dreaming of having long blonde hair but didn't seem to fulfill it because I was too afraid to do all the procedures. But walking in Shibuya everyday, I suddenly have this urge to do this. Why not?! I thought. ...

Back in Japan!

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Hello all you cupcakes and muffins.♡ After a long hiatus, i'm finally back here in Japan again! It feels sooooo good to be back here in this land of awesomeness.  Life here has been pretty awesome, as always. So on the first week I was back in Japan, we had a big family dinner back in Funabashi, which is my ...

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