A letter for a special someone; The best thing since slice bread. ♡

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So, i’ve been wanting to write about this but have been holding back because this post is going to be a tear-jerker, well, for me (at least).  Judging at the title, were you guessing that this post was a romantic post narrating about my love-life? Hmm, almost there! Now, I shall reveal …

*To fill up the emotions, you may want to listen to this playlist while reading, just like what I did while typing this and sniffing into tissues*


The only man who’d walk into my bedroom every single morning just to say I’m beautiful.

The only man who’d remind me how gorgeous I am.

The only man who’d repeat himself how much he loves me, everyday.

The only man who I share ALL my (dirty little) secrets with.

The only man who loves me even at my worst/ugliest state.

The only man who’d sacrifice the last piece of ham/sausage/meat, for me.

The only man who always boost my self confidence.

The only man with the warmest cuddly (smelly) hugs when i’m depressed(or not).

The only man who’ll chase me around the room just to give me a kiss.

The only man who could afford giving REAL HAPPINESS to me.

The only man who’d tell me that I’M PERFECT, when nobody is.

The only 2 men who’d defend me when i’m being scolded by my mom.

This man, is my eldest brother; The best thing in life that has ever happened to me.

In Chinese, we have saying which is ‘A father is the lover of his daughter in the past life.’

But in this case, i’m here to prove that my brother was probably the lover of my past life.#LOL

うちのお兄ちゃんが前に「お前が恋人じゃなくて残念だ!」「お前たい彼女ほしい!まあ、俺の妹になったも悪くないけど、来世で恋人にろう!」って言った!!面白いね。まだ一緒に住んでる時に、毎朝、兄ちゃんが私の部屋に来て、「ね、何でそんなにかわいいの?」とか「何でそんなに綺麗なの?」って言ってきたwww お兄ちゃんはね、いつも「i love you baby」って、なんか、きもいぃ!!!www

I know we don’t look alike, cuz i got it from my pretty grandmomma!!

Since a very young age, because my brothers and I were living abroad and we were all scattered everywhere, we don’t really live together. We were living with different guardians, and meet only once in very few months. But even that, nothing was hailing us from having a good relationship with each other. Instead, the bond with my brothers were so strong. We’re UNSTOPPABLE! And then we grew up, our distance got even further. Japan, America, Indonesia, Taiwan. Thanks to the new technology, we could at least see each other, virtually. We meet only for a good period of time in a few years. Then, after he graduated, he moved back, and we lived happily ever after.




No, this is not the end of the story yet.

Lets do a brief introduction of this man, who’s also my greatest inspiration and idol.

At the age of 28, He’s already the CEO of his 5-year-old company, Touchten.

Lately, he was awarded as the Forbes Indonesia’s 20 rising global stars!

You can read more about Touchten here:


‘Being the first Indonesian gaming company that receives capital from an international investor, we demonstrate that Indonesia is starting to get recognized in this new industry.’   –Anton Soeharyo, CEO of Touchten.

I’ve never seen anyone who holds such passion in his job. Not only does he holds the passion for himself, he also spreads this positive vibes to his co-workers! He’s such a happy boss that every time I visit his office, it’s always filled with laughters and fun! As humble as he is, even though he’s the CEO of the company, unlike other CEOs, he does NOT have his own place/seat. He shares it with his co-workers! When i questioned him, “why don’t you have your own seat? You’re the CEO.”, his answer was, “Nah, I don’t need it. I treat everyone equally. We don’t divide each other into different classes.”

Now that’s what i’m talking about! You go bro!

And so…

A month ago,

it was his wedding.

He got married to the most beautiful bride i’ve ever met.

I was never the type of girl who believes in true love. I always thought that it was some sort of fairytale that will never exist. And, what I believe that in this reality world, everyone is judgmental. We are all visual creatures who only care about the packaging. Who cares for inner beauty nowadays? This was also the reason why i’m super unconfident about myself. I always blamed myself for not being perfect.

But, my brother proved me wrong. True beauty comes from within.

My brother and his wife had gone through a relationship of 8 years, with half of it being long-distanced.

But they managed all the way to their marriage. I always asked my sis-in-law, what is the major thing that made her loved my brother for so long? I always thought that she was that beautiful, there would be so many guys wooing after her. And, my brother, who’s just average looking, was chosen. Her answer was, he cherishes her. His humor is always making people around him happy. He’s very positive. He never gets mad with her, not even a single time. Always patient, at all times.

The way my brother gazes at his wife, the way he talks to her, frankly, i was always jealous. #fml

I have never seen anyone who could actually treasure his lover so much.

As a person who doesn’t believe in true love, this was nearly impossible, to me.

I always feel that 90% of men only think with what they have down there. I don’t mean to be offensive. Or just because, I haven’t met the right person who could love me like how my brother loves his wife.

A letter for my beloved brother,

Dear niichan,

I’m really thankful that I have someone like you in my life. You’re the best thing since….Yakiniku.

You brought so many laughters to me, gave me an abundant amount of happiness. To be frank, now that you’re married, i’m actually… sad. I’m happy for you, but, i’m sad for myself. No more quality time, no more fun night outs, no more movie dates, no more…you….. I mean, you’re still you but you don’t belong to me anymore…. :’( I wish I could turn back time, and have all the fun we had together once again. I don’t know if I’ll ever find someone who’ll love me and cherish me as much as you do. Thanks for being my mentor of life, and mentor of love. Lol. Even though you’re annoying sometimes, even though I hate it when you always matchmake me with your friends, even though you love to force slimy kisses on my hands,cheeks,forehead, even though I don’t always say I love you, but, I DO. I LOVE YOU. Like I love yakiniku. No, maybe a littler better than that. Yea. I think so.

 Congratulations on your wedding. You’re now the King of the family. Your duty will be heavier as the time goes. You’re the man of your wife, and will be the father of her children. I know you’ll do great. Because, you always are.

No matter what happens, no matter how apart we are, remember, you’ll always have me by your side, virtually or not. I would be giving you endless support. I will be lending you an ear whenever you have anything to say. I will offer you a shoulder to lie on when you’re tired of everything. I will give you the warmest hug.

I don’t know if I will ever find a guy who will love and cherish me like you do. Will I ever…?

I love you, truly.

Love from Tokyo,

Your baby sis.

Stay tune for the wedding ceremony post!

To Be Continued……




Good luck,

Have a sweet day!


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